How do I know the item I am purchasing is authentic?

Great question. Of course you want to be sure the $500 Burberry bag you just added to your cart is the real deal. Rest assured our team of expert boutique specialists has gone through each hand-picked item one-by-one to validate it's authenticity.  Most bags and high-end accessories come to us with their original packaging and/or certificate of authenticity.  If not, our team does their research to ensure we pass along a quality and authentic product.

I mailed in my consignments, but I am not seeing them for sale online...

A few things may have happened here.  Depending on the number of items sent to us, we may still be sorting, categorizing, photographing and uploading the items. Secondly, our staff may have decided to showcase your item(s) in one of our physical stores to see if it sells quickly.  Or, we determined that the shipment sent to us would not be a good fit for Current Boutique and the items were donated accordingly.

How does Current Boutique decide on pricing?

Our staff stays up-to-date with current style trends and what is popular with our customers. We know the market and what is in demand. We set the prices usually at 1/3 of the original retail price. If you have an item that you must get a certain price for, let us know. Our Listing Form provides a space for you to let us know what price you would like an item sold for - we will use this as a guideline for pricing. The consignor receives 50% of the profit of each item sold.

When & how do I get paid?

You can be paid as early as 90 days after your items are accepted by us. You will only be paid if your items are sold. After 90 days, you can call us to check on your account. If you request it, we will mail a check to you. You may use your account balance as store credit at any time

How should I bring my items in?

Please bring items in excellent condition, neatly folded in bags, freshly cleaned and pressed. Please do not bring items in trash bags or on hangers. All items should be in style and no more than 2 years old. Minimize the items that we do not accept by taking the time to look for broken zippers, missing buttons or ties, rips, stains, faded material, etc. - we will not accept these items.

FAQs Consigning Designer Clothing